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Professional Experience

February 2020 - present

Data Analytics Developer

I build and maintain tools to support Splunk's Global Sales Engineering Organization. 

I maintain SEAL or Sales Engineer Activity Logging, a custom-built React web app used to attach sales engineering activities to opportunities. I work to streamline the logging process while collecting information needed for reporting. 

I also develop Splunk dashboards using filters and presets to allow users to learn from past sales opportunities. I make these dashboards as flexible as possible, in order to answer many questions at all levels of business.

This role allows me to use and expand my skills in many different ways as business needs change quarter to quarter. 

My greatest achievement in this role has been the Win Loss Dashboard, which organizes post-opportunity survey data in a way that allows users to filter and search the data to gain insights on similar current opportunities. 

February 2019 -  January 2020

Sales Engineer

I worked with customers to understand their business need relating to data management.  I tailored custom demonstrations of Splunk tools to exemplify time and money saving strategies to key stakeholders, including CTOs and senior engineers.  I collaborated with Splunk and partner engineers to both ensure customers were continuously supported, and maintain existing customer relationships.  


I spearheaded a data exploration project analyzing blackjack games in real time to predict hand-winning strategies and presented at .conf19, Splunk’s annual consumer conference with over 10,000 attendees.

May 2018 - August 2018

Sales Engineer Intern

I shadowed active sales engineers to learn about their process and Splunk technology, features, solutions, and applications.  

I collaborated with a team of sales engineers to build a system analyzing ping pong in real time within Splunk.  The team collected data from multiple sources including a cell phone running custom-built computer vision software to track the ball and an inertial measurement unit in each of the ping pong paddles.  I built Splunk dashboards to report data in real time. After nine months of preparation, we presented the project at .conf18.

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