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Splunking Blackjack

Presented at .conf19

I spearheaded a data exploration project analyzing blackjack games in real time to predict hand-winning strategies.  My team presented the project at .conf19, Splunk’s annual consumer conference with over 10,000 attendees in Las Vegas.

  • We used card values and win or loss markers to train a machine learning model within Splunk's MLTK

  • The model was retrained every 20 minutes in order to use the live conference data to continue improving

Splunking Ping Pong

Presented at .conf18

As a sales engineer intern, I collaborated with active sales engineers to build a system analyzing ping pong in real time within Splunk. We presented the project at Splunk's .conf18, at Disney World.

  • We collected data from multiple sources including a cell phone running custom-built computer vision software to track the ball and an inertial measurement unit from each of the ping pong paddles

  • I wrote calculations to extrapolate the height of the ball using the size of the ball and the x&y coordinates -- to display as a 3D scatterplot on our dashboard

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